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Reserve Deputy Association Scholarship

The Sheriff’s Reserve Association sponsors two high school scholarships each year. First place is awarded $500 and second place is awarded $250. The scholarships are based upon a student’s academic achievements, community service, character, and club or organization involvements.

Students of high school age either in public or home schools are encouraged to enter. The application forms may be downloaded from this page or may be picked up at each of the Whitman County High Schools. Each application is evaluated by members of the Reserve Association. The applications must be postmarked by April 30, 2016 . We look forward to hearing from you!

To apply for the scholarship download both the Scholarship Application and the Scholarship Directions

Additional Information

The Whitman County Sheriff’s Reserve Association is an organization of volunteers created to promote the mission of the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office of providing law enforcement throughout Whitman County.

The Reserve Association has sponsored two annual scholarships since 2004. The awards have been given to graduating seniors from Whitman County Schools represented by the Whitman County Principal’s Association including public schools, private schools, and home schooled students. The Reserve Association will award a $500 Scholarship and a $250 Scholarship in 2016.

The Reserve Association Scholarship will be awarded to the candidates that best exemplify, by word and action, the understanding of the role of positive community involvement.

The scholarship recipients will receive awards of $500 or $250 which will be payable to the scholarship winners upon completion of the first academic period of the post secondary education option. Students who chose to join the military after graduation are also encouraged to apply for this scholarship and may receive the award after completion of Basic Training.

Criteria for selection will be based on the applicant’s involvement in their school and community, academic accomplishments and their response to the essay question regarding community involvement.

Scholarship candidates should pick from one of the two essay topics below and create their essay response.

  1. How does voluntary service in the community strengthen both the community and the individual within the community? How is this important to our small rural county and its citizens?
  2. What does the scholarship candidate think is the most positive or negative impact that law enforcement demonstrates to the community and why?

A minimum 2.5 G.P.A. and a minimum of one letter of recommendation (no more than three letters of recommendation) are required. The letter of recommendation should detail the student’s involvement in both school and community.

The application in its entirety must be completed and postmarked by April 30, 2016 then sent to the address below. The Association will review each applicant’s materials and mail the award to the applicant’s home. The school will be notified and a public presentation of the award will follow. There will be a notice of achievement and award posted in the local newspaper.

Whitman County Sheriff’s Reserve Association
C/O Deputy Ron McMurray
411 North Mill Street
Colfax, WA. 99111